Is Womens Drug Rehab About The Body Or Mind?

Effective rehabilitation takes place when you recognize the existence of the problem. Just like any other treatment process, precision in diagnosis will facilitate an effective solution. The ability to identify whether an addiction is physical or psychological makes all the difference. Your trips and resources used in womens drug rehab will make no difference if you have no idea what addiction you are treating.

Addiction is basically defined as inability to function without drugs. A patient is unable to fulfill family, social, work, etc obligations in the process. Taking such a person to a rehab only presents a physical act or step towards quitting drugs. It will take a lot more than visiting a rehab to be clean of drugs over the long term.

Signs Of Physical Addiction

Physical addiction is mainly characterized by terrible withdrawal symptoms. The body refuses to function without drugs. The signs include shaking, appearing confused, flu like feeling, etc. This explains why rehab centers have to provide controlled dosage or other substances that produce the same effect to the body. The aim is to control physical addiction.

Treatment For Physical Addiction

In availability of the abused drug is the best treatment for physical addiction. However, there are health issues that arise out of abrupt absence. The withdrawal effects may have terrible consequences. The alternative is slow administration of low dosage therapy. Treating physical dependency proves difficult if the user started abuse at a young age, uses a high dose or has been using the drugs for a longer period. The withdrawal symptoms are usually very severe.

Psychological Addiction

Drug use and abuse greatly affects the mind. There is a motivational and emotional effect to psychological addiction. St Louis drug rehab center mainly focuses on how to control Physical Addiction. Drug use comes with an element of reward that reinforces the behavior. A person feels the need to keep taking the drug because it produces a certain feel good effect.

Treating Psychological Addiction

Treatment of psychological dependency requires interruption of the motivation cycle. The best approach is through behavior therapy. Rehabilitation centers for women (Research here , for Women drug rehab center in st louis.) ensure that their patients are less attracted to falling back into the path of drugs.

Cognitive behavior therapy has been singled out as an effective way of dealing with psychological addiction. The woman is taught to identify the problem and make the right choice. The center helps the patients to develop effective coping mechanism that will lead to a natural withdrawal. The bodies are not affected by lack of drugs because they are not really addicted. In fact, there are drugs like alcohol, marijuana and cocaine that are effectively dealt with through behavior therapy.

Why A Rehab?

It is possible to treat an addict away from the rehab. The costs are minimal and the patient feels comfortable in a familiar environment. However, a rehab provides the best environment. There are readily available professionals including counselors and medical specialists to tend to the addict at any moment. A person is also withdrawn from the environment that caused the addiction in the first place. Professional approach to rehabilitation produces excellent long term results.